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November 2017 – Maghreb – White dress with stripe

It is time for me to reveal what I have been working on for a long time now. It is with a great pleasure that I can finally say that Imène-Sarah is not only my name but also is now my brand. Therefore, you can already discover the on-going project and my logo but first let us go back to the beginning.


Few years ago, as I was still in my sewing training (soon an article about it), I already imagined myself with a large collection of clothing and a shop in my name. This memory always makes me smile as it is far from being unattainable of course but I was not expecting all the hard work that I had to put into.

All of this begins with an idea, an aspiration, that we transform into a project and requires courage and motivation.

For all of those that follows me on Instagram, you have probably already noticed that under many of my pictures I have put the hashtag #imenesarah or even #2018. Well, that was my subtle way of introducing the beginning of my project.
Being someone who pretty much keeps to myself what I am planning; it is often hard to put words on what is being created.

Imène-Sarah that is I, that is my brand, this blog and finally, my future collection of clothing.

I want to create a collection of clothing in my image, but really corresponds to all women no matter the ethnicity or religion; I do not want to aim for specific type of people, far from that.
I am aiming for simplicity, with a touch of elegance and originality. I intend to offer you various designs and styles that I hope is going to please all of you.
I just love sewing so much, to work on different fabrics, to imagine new styles, to bet on the details (I will talk about this in details if you want me to). I prefer the handmade, that why every single one of my pieces will be made by me.


You may be asking why Imène-Sarah as a brand name? I have searched for so long for an idea of name that would fit my future collection and as my style would be subject to change in time I could not limited myself to an adjective. In reality, I have two separated names and not a composed one.
So, I said to myself why complicated things when I could make them simple! That’s how the brand name was simply born.
Marque déposée – Imène-Sarah
It is with joy that I let you discover the logo of my brand just above. Two bound Arabic letters that overlooks the imenesarah. I have imagined and drawn it for so long in my head and the talented graphic designer Sabira has been able to perfectly reproduce it. I recommend her to all of you that wishes to make a logo or others drawing, she patiently responds to every questions or needs and works fast.  She also did the logo of this blog, thank you Sabira.

Well, dear readers, here we are, the adventure begins. I really hope that you will like what’s next, this blog will be an exchange platform between you and I and a way of showing you the on-going projects. I can’t give an exact date for the launch of the collection but know that 2018 will surely be the year of its launching, God willing. I am impatiently waiting for your feedbacks; feel free to sign up to the newsletter so that you can be notified of the next articles. Sewing, fashion and many other things can be expected. Take all a great care of you and see you soon.


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